AI powered load test
for E-commerce and SaaS

✓ No credit card required
✓ Totally automatic
✓ Safe to run
We will help your web site to

To be always fast

It's easy to measure website speed when there is little or no users.

But it is more important to know that your website is fast when everyone wants to use it.

And how fast it is when people around the world try to use it.

Convert more

People tend to use more time and more money on websites that are fast and responsive.

A 0,1 second decrease on page load time could increase your sales by 1 %,

Bounce less

We all hate slow internet.

And according to research, your customers will not wait more than three seconds for your website to load.

Your competition is only one click away.

And we have already helped many websites like yours to be fast
"We were looking to have load testing completed on our platform within a tight schedule. We contacted and within a day we were testing our system with simultaneous users. The platform was easy to use and allowed us to identify bottlenecks in our code. We are now ready to go live and are much more confident in our load capacity after using I recommend for thorough and efficient load testing."
Bryan Hobbs, Founder and CEO

Your automated QA Team from the cloud SaaS allows you to leverage the power of our AI-powered software robots that control real web browsers on a massive scale from 1 to +100,000s.

The robots behave at the website like us humans, click through the links, scroll the pages, and add products to the shopping cart.
You will learn important KPIs about your web sites user experience and get essential insights on making it faster. 

We will tell how fast your pages load under peak user loads, and our experts can give you tips on how to make it faster. Our SaaS will dramatically make load testing more comfortable and faster to complete.

Load Testing is not a project

Instead of a project for days or weeks, a load test could be a matter of a few minutes. You can instantly send our robots to your website and do it as many times as you like. allows you to improve your performance and validate that the changes made and technology added made a difference and were worthy of the investment.

The more users your website gets, the slower it will be