How many real visitors
can your web site handle?

with Supervisor TrueVisitor you know.


Every TrueVisitor clicks, scrolls and thinks like a human.

And we have thousands of them. Available directly from cloud.

TrueVisitor Features

Uses a real desktop browser

Just like your real visitor, TrueVisitor loads all content including images and runs all scripts. With this approach there is no need to separately test API's or even know how the site is built. If you can click it, we can click it.

Self-driving human-like behavior


There is no need to pre-define anything -  The TrueVisitor automatically explores the full site intelligently never visiting the same page twice in a session. It scrolls pages and just like a real person pauses for a moment to think.

Need to log in? Add to cart? Drag'n'drop? Play videos? Every action can be quickly defined.

Massive scale

Built to scale massively from the ground up. Depending on your needs there can be just a few or thousands of users.

Case Studies

Learn more about how Supervisor has helped various sites with TrueVisitor based testing

How does it work?

We meet & define

Let's quickly discuss how the site is used and how many users you would like to have.

Then we'll create the test case and make sure that it simulates the projected usage as closely as possible.

The test day

On agreed date and time we start the test working together with the technical site administrators so that they can quickly identify the reasons for the bottlenecks.

There is nothing to install or configure from your side - we'll use our global infrastructure to run the test from a desired location or locations.


Once tested, we can perform the test on regular intervals to ensure that nothing has changed in the performance.