Going viral.
Black Friday.
Product launch.
Marketing campaign.

Your website will crash when it shouldn’t.


Test with Supervisor before it happens.

We find out how many real users you can handle by testing your performance limits with our simulated real users.


The Supervisor difference


Others fake it, we don’t.

Other solutions generate traffic that is not real. We run real browsers that perform actions exactly as your users are doing them.

Need to log in? Add to cart? Drag'n'drop? Play videos? We do it just like the users do.

We scale, incrementally & safely.

We send from one to tens of thousands browsers to your site one by one. Exactly like your normal web traffic.

If your site shows any signs of slowing down - we’ll stop. Immediately.

The truth - no averages, percentiles, etc.

Your users are not averages, therefore we give you only one number: the number of users your site can handle before slowing down.


“But we have already …”

load tested it


Mimicking users is not the same thing as real browsers who click, scroll and think between actions.

In production also?

Most of the time testing is done in another environment than production - with different settings. Supervisor’s incremental traffic is safe to run against production environments.

autoscaling and CDN

Good! Do those work?

How fast is it? What is the limit?

Autoscaling takes time to react and unless it’s tested with actual traffic, it’s impossible to know if it works properly or not. As the site is constantly changed, there can be configuration errors and mistakes that are only revealed when the real traffic hits you.


How does it work?


Meet & define

Let's quickly discuss how the site is used and how many users you would like to have.

Then we'll create the test case that reflects as closely as possible the projected real usage.

Set test day

On the agreed date and time, we start the test working together with the technical site administrators so that they can quickly identify the reasons for the bottlenecks.

There is nothing to install or configure from your side - we'll use our global infrastructure to run the test from a desired geographical location or locations.

Know your number

Once tested, we’ll deliver a document that tells you exactly how well you can perform. We’re happy to help you to solve the problems also.

Let’s do it!

Send us a message and we’ll get back shortly.


About us

Frustrated by existing industry standards, we started Supervisor in 2018 to find the real number.


Lauri Kasti


Seasoned hosting industry veteran who has built one of the leading independent hosting companies in the Nordics.
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Matti Paksula


Web scalability & testing professional.
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