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Holistic view to website performance

Supervisor will continuously track the performance of your code and hosting. At a glance, see the trends and exceptions of your website speed from the calendar view.
Holistic view to website performance

Load test with ease

Send up to 100,000 users to your website to see how fast it will be during peak hours.

Find out exactly what is making your website slow

Your website speed depends on (1.) the quality of your code, (2.) greatness of your hosting and (3.) the number of concurrent users you have on your website.

With Supervisor you can continuously track the performance of your code and hosting. And predict the page load speed with high user volumes with easy 1-click load tests.

And to speed up your website we will pinpoint the exact area on your website that needs improvements and we will suggest you solutions to make your website fast.

Monitor the speed of your whole website

Running a website speed check against your front page is a good start. But how about your landing pages, important funnels and the e-commerce check out page?

Let us do the mystery shopping on your e-commerce funnels and track the speed of each and every page on your website. Automatically.

We will notify you when there is a real problem and highlight issues that needs to be fixed.

And if you want to dig deeper you will have a log of evidences from all the issues we find.

Learn how to speed up your website

We get it. Knowing you have a problem is only a start. But a good one.

We will tell you whether you should concentrate on the server or browser side for fixing the issue.

It might just be that your webhost sucks. Or that your devs should really limit the third party integrations they've added to your website.

We will pinpoint the issue to the request and file level. Maybe you have too big pictures. Or maybe there's just too many requests to the same host. Simple adding CDN could totally solve your problem. We will let you know.

The more users you'll attract, the slower your site will be

Rehearse Black Friday, marketing campaign or going viral with our 1-click load test with 100 % real results.

See how fast your website will be with 1 to 100,000+ users.

And understand what is preventing it from scaling and how to fix it.

Do you know if your website always loads under 3 seconds?

Lose 54 % of your customers if it loads more than 3 s
Convert 50 % less with load times over 2 s
Lose additional 10 % of users for every 1 s
Read the Need for Speed

How good your webhosting provider really is?
The average website performance varies a lot during the day.

The website speed is affected by how many concurrent users you have at any given moment. But also how overbooked your webhosting providers servers are.
How well does your website handle high user volumes?
Be proactive and test what happens to your website on Black Friday, during a marketing campaign or when you finally go viral.

Request from 1 to 100,000+ robots to your website and see the results with one click.
Is your e-commerce check out and important CTAs working properly?
It's easy to fine tune and monitor your websites frontpage. But what about the more important pages you can't put in to cache like shopping carts, check out pages and other CTAs? 

If you want to monitor a specific funnel you can teach our robots easily what to do. It is as easy as using your web browser. No need to start to learn coding.
Is bad performance destroying your conversion rates?
There is tons of research proving that page load time directly affects the user experience.

Best conversions are made with pages that load under 2 seconds. And you could lose up to 54 % of your visitors if it takes more than three seconds to load your website.

If you are not monitoring your website performance you might be losing a lot of business without knowing it.

Fast websites convert better

We all hate slow internet. And according to research, your customers will not wait more than three seconds for your website to load.
People tend to use more time and more money on websites that are fast and responsive. A 0,1 second decrease on page load time could increase your sales by 1 %,

Be fast when it matters the most

It's easy to measure website speed when there is little or no users.

But it is more important to know that your website is fast when everyone wants to use it.

Load test does not have to be a project

You can instantly send our robots (from 100 to 100,000s) to your website and do it as many times as you like.

Supervisor.com allows you to improve your performance and validate that the changes made and the technology added made a difference and was worth the investment.

"Supervisor.com made us Black Friday ready"

"Knowing that someone is all the time checking that our e-commerce is working properly makes me sleep good at night. And one click load testing ensures that our site can handle anything our marketing throws at it.

Mikko Wirgentius, CTO, kaalimato.com
less bouncing users on Black Friday
more concurrent users

"I recommend Supervisor.com for thorough and efficient load testing."

"The platform was easy to use and allowed us to identify bottlenecks in our code."

Bryan Hobbs, Founder & CEO, Pruuvn
faster page loads
more concurrent users

Only supervisor.com was able to make our e-commerce platform scale

Our e-commerce site was constantly crashing and slowing down after our marketing activities. Neither the hosting provider nor the software vendor could solve the issue. Supervisor.com, with its load testing tool, was able to identify the bottlenecks and consult our service providers on how to fix the problem.

Marjaana Järvinen, CEO, bypias.com
online revenue growth
Happier CEO

Stop losing money with slow websites

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