Introducing TrueVisitor

the most realistic way to simulate web site users


Uses real desktop browser

Just like your real user, TrueVisitor loads all content including images and runs all scripts

Self-driving human like behavior

No need to script or pre-define anything. The TrueVisitor automatically explores the full site intelligently never visiting the same page twice in a session. While visiting it scrolls pages and like everyone of us - thinks. While going around it automatically finds issues like broken pages and slow page load times.

Massive scale. All Unique.

Built to scale massively. Depending on your needs there can be just one or millions. All unique just like you.

Especially great for

Load testing

Send TrueVisitors incrementally to your site to know how many real visitors you can handle.


"Mystery Shop" your web site by having constant flow of TrueVisitors.

Finding problems

Check how many broken links or other problems your site might have.

Nothing to install

There is nothing to install and as the testing is made non-invasively and incrementally it's safe to run against your production web site.

Available today.

We are excited to start working with you today. Drop us an email to or click the link below - and we'll follow back shortly.