There hasn't been a way to know the true performance. Until now.

Know how many real users you can handle.

Problem Statement pitää olla alussa: Traditionally the methods to test website performance have been lacking. By having worked at the industry We realized that the only way to truly undersntand and know what the true limits are is through end to end real user testing.

What we can do for you

Real Load testing

Gain complete confidence of your ability to handle spikes by sending up to thousands unique browsers that behave like your users. Do all of this without bringing your site down with our non-invasive incremental testing strategy.

Continous monitoring

Know the exact performance of your site at 03:10am. Stay ahead the problems before they start to affect your online business.

Meet the unique technology behind it


our approach is to be real 

Unlike others, we don't fake it.

Complete user simulation
Thinking, scrolling


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