Real-time Service Level Monitoring

Every year, the Nose Day Foundation organizes its Nose Day campaign in Finland. The four week long campaign culminates in a national Nose Day Show by Yle (Finland's national public service broadcasting company).  Nose Day campaign in Finland supports children in developing countries (in Africa, Asia, Middle & South America) through internationally recognized charities.

The main event is the most watched prime time show of the day. During this event viewers are encouraged to make their pledges on the event's web site. The user submits their pledge through a funnel where they select the organization and initiate a standard payment with a credit card or by a bank transfer.

Supervisor scripted a handful users to constantly submit their pledge so that the site administrators were able to see the performance of the different parts of the funnel in real-time and react immediately if it becomes slow. The increased visibility in addition to traditional server side metrics gave administrators peace of mind during the event and the campaign organizers were impressed by the level of service level monitoring throughout the event.

Pjotr Gorshok