Peaking the Network Traffic

The Finnish Kennel Club is a trusted expert organization and opinion leader in the canine sector with more than 146,000 members and 2,000 member clubs. The organization's main event is the Dog Fair Finland and it is by far the Finland's biggest dog event with over 16,000 dogs participating.

During the previous years, the event site experienced serious slow-downs before and during the event due to massive amount of users looking for ticket sales and photos. For the 2017 event they wanted to pro-actively ensure that the site could handle the load. The hosting setup is a custom tailored solution with several application servers running behind a load balancer. All application servers serve the traffic from a shared NFS file storage backed by MySQL database.

Together with the site administrators Supervisor conducted a test where the expected traffic pattern for the site had a large spread among different pages. Despite the custom hosting setup, the testing caused several pages to return errors with just a few hundred users browsing the site. The administrators quickly identified the bottleneck to be a misconfiguration in the load balancer's simultaneous connection limit. Once this limit was raised the site performed well with over 1000 concurrent users. While running the peak number of users, the total network utilization was over 600 megabits per second due to the Supervisor’s unique ability to load all images from image galleries as a real browser would.

As a result of pro-active testing, the site performed well under the peak traffic as expected.

Pjotr Gorshok