Adjusting Hosting Plan Limits

Finland based Planeetta Internet Oy (est. 2002) is one of the leading hosting providers in Northern Europe providing websites, web hosting, servers, e-mail services, e-commerce and domain names.

In the hosting industry, hosting plans are commonly sold in tiered packages. Every tier has pre-configured set of resources (memory, disk space, etc) and customers make the decission in a self-service protal by comparing a feature matrix. By allowing customers to select a plan mostly based on their budget tends to lead to a bad customer experience when the site receives traffic and becomes slow or completely inaccessible.

For the roll out of their next generation hosting plans, Planeetta wanted to illustrate the performance differences of different plans with a typical Wordpress installation. The plans were pre-configured and named after t-shirt sizes from "small" to "extra large". The initial configuration for the plans was done by the administrators as a best guess so that the plans could handle certain number of concurrent users for the selected tier.

Supervisor started TrueVisitor in "self-driving" mode where the site is explored randomly by clicking links with intervals that simulate natural user browsing. TrueVisitor users were left browsing the sites according to desired number of users for a couple of days. This allowed Planeetta administrators to tune the parameters and limits under constant maximum load so that the site loading times were good.

By testing the different plans with real usage, Planeetta is now more confident to launch new packages and communicate the differences between different price levels with terms that their customers actually understand in addition to the traditional resource limits. Planeetta is also able to test every actual customer site with a similar test if requested and help the customer to choose a plan that fits their needs.